Why do we work with LG Solar Panels?

At Sunny Energy we have years of experience managing LG Solar Panels, which has made us belong to a select group such as AUTHORISED ENERGY SPECIALIST, attesting to our commitment and professionalism in the implementation of energy solutions with LG.

Buying a solar panel system from LG means you are purchasing a high performing product built to last for decades.

Over the past decade, LG has sold many millions of high-quality panels around the world with only a very low proportion of warranty claims. That’s the type of partner you want for a 25 year plus relationship.


Better Financial
Return Over Time

The majority of customers purchase a solar system to reduce their electricity bills. Companies selling cheap solar often argue it is worthwhile to buy cheaper, as the return on investment is better.

This claim is incorrect, as quality solar has a much better long term financial return.

Also from an environmental perspective, cheap, shorter-lasting systems will not generate as much electricity as high-quality durable panels and inverters.

This results in quality systems providing a better environmental CO2 abatement outcome. For the same input of raw materials, a much better abatement outcome will be achieved by using high-quality panels and inverters.

Cheaper panel salespersons sometimes argue that it is not worthwhile to buy longer-lasting panels.

The rationale being, technology does change quickly and it is better to buy cheaper equipment, as it will allow them to buy newer products with better technology in a few years again.

WRONG In the early 2000’s typical solar panels were 175W. A new generation of panels was developed in 2010/11 and the panels became bigger and heavier and moved to 250W.

In the last 10 years changes in raw materials and cell technology have pushed the output to 330W per standard panel and 350-360W for higher efficiency panels.

Not all solar panels are built the same. When you purchase solar panels from LG Solar you are investing in a product backed by years of experience and manufactured with the help of stringent research and testing standards.

25 year parts and labour
 manufacturer’s warranty

LG Solar Panel won Top Brand in Australia 5 years in a row

Australia’s Most Trusted 
Solar Panel Brand

Why work with us ?

At Sunny Energy we have extensive experience in the installation and configuration of LG solar enemy systems, becoming over time one of the most prominent Dealer in Australia and providing a high quality service in our area.

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Why We Are Different


We can provide our clients with complete peace of mind with the backup processes of the equipment warranties of the industry , we also provide guarantees as a service installation company.


We provide our clients for more than 18 years, with total quality, experience in the installation, and distribution of services to according a your needs, providing them to confidence security. 24/7.


In sunny energy we work providing our customers with savings, innovation, comfort, efficiency, elegance, and technology of the current industrial market.


We offer a variety of high quality products for solar and air conditioning/heating services that are of the best accredited manufacturers of the industry.


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