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"Let Us Share With You Who We Are At Venus Energy."

Allow us to share a bit more about our history and the experience accumulated over more than 12 years of hard work, striving to offer our clients the best in services, quality, support, and reliability.
Throughout our journey, we have been committed to providing outstanding solutions, supported by an excellent team of professionals.
Since our inception, customer satisfaction has been our top priority, and every project we undertake, whether in the residential or commercial sector, reflects our dedication to excellence With a solid knowledge base in solar energy, heating and cooling, and electrical design, we can deliver high-quality results.
Our team comprises dedicated professionals who tirelessly work to provide the best for our clients. We take pride in creating memorable experiences that stand the test of time and contribute to building a more robust and sustainable future.
If you would like to learn more about our company or the services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to provide additional information and to continue delivering the best of ourselves, creating good memories for our families in the future.” A Venus Energy Adelaide


                           “The Importance Of Making Good Decisions.”


“Why Choose Venus Energy”

Our values are the foundation of our identity, guiding every aspect of our business. Here are the fundamental principles that define us, Whether it’s enhancing the comfort of your home or optimizing energy solutions for a commercial space, Venus Energy possesses the expertise and experience in both residential and commercial projects in Adelaide.
Make the smart choice for your residential and commercial energy needs in Adelaide. Choose Venus Energy Climate Energy Solutions for a blend of cutting-edge technology, environmental responsibility, and personalized service that sets us apart.

Trust in Our Values A Commitment to Excellence


Commitment to Sustainability:

We are dedicated to providing energy solutions that drive environmental sustainability. We believe in adopting eco-friendly technologies for a cleaner and healthier future.
Excellence in Customer Service:
Customer satisfaction is our priority. We strive to exceed expectations and deliver high-quality services and products tailored to the specific needs of our customers in Adelaide.
Continuous Innovation:
We seek constant innovation in our climate and energy solutions. We embrace advanced technologies to offer products and services at the forefront of efficiency and sustainability.
Integrity and Transparency:
We operate with integrity and transparency in all our interactions. We build relationships based on trust and honesty with our customers, partners, and the community in Adelaide.
Social Responsibility:
We are committed to making a positive contribution to the community. We participate in social responsibility initiatives to have a positive impact on Adelaide and create a stronger and more connected environment.
Quality and Professionalism:
We maintain high standards of quality in all our products and services. Our dedication to professionalism ensures the delivery of reliable and efficient solutions.
These values are more than words; they are the essence of Venus Energy Clima Solutions, guiding our daily decisions and actions. We are committed to creating a sustainable and comfortable future for the community in Adelaide.”

“At Venus Energy, we would love to help you make informed decisions based on our professionalism. schedule your appointment now. Our technicians will be at your disposal to provide you with a prompt response.”

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Matthew Wildy

Director and Manager

With experience, Studies conducted in solar, storage battery backup, refrigeration mechanic Air conditioning, and electrical design


Diana Wildy

Sales and Marketing

 Marketing and community manager


Milly Shooter

Administrative Assistant

Business Administration


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