Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions in Adelaide"

Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions in Adelaide"

We Provide and Install Complete Air Conditioning Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Businesses, Tailored to Your Needs

“At Venus Energy, we understand the paramount importance of tailoring the perfect Air Conditioning system for every space be it, offices, shopping centers, or industrial commercial businesses. Our commitment lies in enhancing the functionality and efficiency of these places to deliver an unparalleled experience. 
“If you’re seeking a system solely for cooling your space, AC is the ideal choice. However, if you require both heating and cooling capabilities, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) we offer a more comprehensive solution. 
We take pride in our dedication and passion for providing exceptional services, offering cost-effective solutions, and ensuring substantial savings for our clients.
Our team of highly skilled professionals is devoted to your complete peace of mind. At Venus Energy, we go beyond the ordinary to craft tailored solutions that result in optimized space utilization, heightened comfort, and improved energy efficiency.

Now you can choose which of all these options suits your needs best. At Venus Energy, we can offer you good prices, discounts, and quality in all services for your peace of mind.
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 Air Conditioning Installation

We offer commercial, industrial  air conditioning installation ideal  for:

1   Multi-Room Homes 

2. Apartments and Condominiums

3. Hotels and Hospitality

5. Office Buildings: 

6. Retail Stores: 

 7. Restaurants

 8. Commercial Spaces

 9. Server Rooms and Data Centers:

 10. Energy Efficiency:

Cost considerations For Air Conditioning installation in Australia can vary depending on several factors, including:

  1. Size and Capacity: The size of the unit needed to adequately cool the space will impact the overall cost. Larger units with higher capacities typically come with a higher price tag.
  2. Brand and Quality: Different brands and models of split system air conditioners come at varying price points. Higher-quality units may have a higher upfront cost but can offer better energy efficiency and durability.
  3. Installation Complexity: Factors such as the layout of the property, accessibility to install the system, and any additional modifications required can affect installation costs. For example, installations that require additional wiring or electrical work may incur extra charges.
  4. Location: Labor costs can vary depending on the location within Australia. Installation costs may be higher in metropolitan areas compared to regional areas due to differences in labor rates and availability of contractors.
  5. Additional Features: The inclusion of any additional features or accessories, such as zoning capabilities, smart controls, or advanced filtration systems, can also impact the overall cost.
  6. Warranty and Service: Some installation packages may include warranties or ongoing service agreements, which can affect the overall cost but provide peace of mind and long-term support.

Estimate cost of Air conditioning installations

Here are some general price ranges for different types of air conditioning systems:
  1. Split System Air Conditioner:

    Single Room: AUD 1,500 – AUD 3,000 Multiple Rooms (Multi-Split): AUD 3,000 – AUD 7,000
  3. Ducted Air Conditioning System:

    Small to Medium Home: AUD 5,000 – AUD 10,000 Large Home or Commercial Property: AUD 10,000 – AUD 20,000
  4. VRF or VRV Systems:

    Medium to Large Applications: AUD 15,000 – AUD 30,000
  5. Evaporative Cooling Systems:

    Residential: AUD 3,000 – AUD 6,000