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Mitsubishi Electric?

Whether it’s consistent heating and cooling for the home or office, Mitsubishi Electric offers you stateof-the art technology that is quiet, simple to use, reliable and above all energy efficient.

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Multi-Split Systems fulfill the air conditioning needs of up to 8 rooms with a single outdoor unit. Perfect for apartments and two-storey homes.

Main Features

Space Savings

The Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Multi-split System is designed to allow several indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit. This enhances exterior aesthetics by reducing the number of outdoor units necessary, while also providing an easy and economical way of adding indoor units at any time.

Flexible Choice

Offering the ability to select up to 8 indoor units for a single outdoor unit, with the cooling capacities of outdoor units ranging from 5.2 to 15.5kW and an array of different models to suit specific applications. You will be hard pressed to find a better match for your building dimensions and comfort requirements.

Quiet Control

Comfort without the noise, based on smooth operation and innovative features such as automatic selection of low-noise mode when operation load is low. Choose a wall-mounted
model to create a comfortable space where noise levels are at a level where soothing peace and quiet can be enjoyed.

Economical Operation

Efficient operation is achieved through heating/cooling only the desired space, cutting waste by preventing air conditioning of areas where it’s not needed. Using an individual air conditioner for each required space allows more economical performance.

Work well

Working from home doesn’t have to mean working in uncomfortable temperatures. Take a look at our popular M Series air conditioning range, and find the perfect system to help replicate your usual office environment.

From the MSZ-LN to the MSZ-HR, our complete range offers low power consumption, powerful performance and is the perfect solution for your home office, whatever your budget may be.

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We can provide our clients with complete peace of mind with the backup processes of the equipment warranties of the industry , we also provide guarantees as a service installation company.


We provide our clients for more than 18 years, with total quality, experience in the installation, and distribution of services to according a your needs, providing them to confidence security. 24/7.


In sunny energy we work providing our customers with savings, innovation, comfort, efficiency, elegance, and technology of the current industrial market.


We offer a variety of high quality products for solar and air conditioning/heating services that are of the best accredited manufacturers of the industry.


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