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Eguana Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of residential and commercial energy storage systems.

Distributed energy storage systems enable higher levels of renewable energy supply and better utilization of our existing grid infrastructure by shifting controls to the ‘Grid Edge’.

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Our lineup of energy storage systems for residential and commercial applications are utility interactive, and support AC coupling of solar PV systems – perfect for new or retrofit solar installations using your preferred PV inverter manufacturer. All systems include our proprietary power controls paired up with industry leading lithium battery modules from LG Chem, and are backed by a 10 year warranty.


Our all-in-one system designed for the energy efficient consumer – perfect for solar self-consumption! Installation ease and flexibility are achieved in the slim tower design with removable battery pack. An on-board emergency power outlet* even allows you to keep any critical items powered through a grid outage!


A scalable, residential powerhouse with 5kW output, and expandable storage. This indoor/outdoor package is modular and wall-mountable, maximizing flexibility for site installations.

Now available with two different battery chemistries!

Combined with the Evolve Hub*, AC coupling Solar + Storage has never been easier! The Evolve ESS and LFP models are fully loaded to run solar self-consumption, with or without time of use tariffs, selectable solar export permissions*, storm watch battery reserve controls*, and more. Power resiliency to the home is achieved using our fully automated bypass and transfer controls. With AC coupled solar PV connected to the backup panel, Evolve energy storage systems can help you ride through multi-day grid outages.


Designed specifically for peak shaving loads to reduce demand charges. The outdoor rated enclosure includes thermostatically controlled heating and cooling for environmentally demanding applications.

Three phase, 15 kW models with 39 kWh of storage capacity.

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We can provide our clients with complete peace of mind with the backup processes of the equipment warranties of the industry , we also provide guarantees as a service installation company.


We provide our clients for more than 18 years, with total quality, experience in the installation, and distribution of services to according a your needs, providing them to confidence security. 24/7.


In sunny energy we work providing our customers with savings, innovation, comfort, efficiency, elegance, and technology of the current industrial market.


We offer a variety of high quality products for solar and air conditioning/heating services that are of the best accredited manufacturers of the industry.


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