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Venus Energy offers the best products on market, Climate-Energy solutions, and efficiency with innovation for each of your needs residential, commercial  With an expansive offering of both sides Split system, Ducted systems, Multi-split System, Multi-V Hot Water Solution floor heating.

Multi Split Ideal for Residential

Perfect solution for small business heat or cool rooms with one multi-split outdoor unit

Smart Air Conditioning solutions for your home or small business. Multi-Split air conditioning system is comfortable perfect for multiple rooms, provides cooling and heating in every room by installing just one outdoor unit.

A Multi-Split system does not require multiple outdoor units for cooling and heating all spaces in your home. It conveniently needs only one outdoor unit connected to a number of indoor units.

Independent Control

Wi-Fi Remote Control And Monitor your air conditioning system remotely, just with one-touch

Each indoor unit can be run and controlled independently. That is, on/off, temperature, air motion, up/down/left/right, and time clock operation. All can be managed from their own wireless remote.

Split System

Perfect for heating and cooling a single room of your home ideal for specific spaces

Seasonal energy management and monitoring flexible operations help reduce energy usage and operating costs. Designed for the way you live, our air conditioners are available in a wide range of styles –
so you can create a space that’s cool, comfortable, and stylish.
LG is committed to providing quality products to enrich the everyday lives of Australians

Ducted System

Venus Energy provides the best large and strong commercial, homes solutions for every requirement Ducted System is operated for multiple rooms and large spaces or areas.   

The perfect solution for commercial, and new homes, businesses. Can be installed in almost every property, or building. Help to lower the cost of the operation

Complete solution for every need. Giving the option to turn off unused areas. At the same time reducing energy consumption, to provide a remarkable return on investment.

Ceiling Mounted Cassette

The compact ceiling cassette air conditioning system is the perfect solution for limited space in the wall. Maximizing the indoor aesthetics with a comfortable environment, 

Smart 4 Way Cassette

Smart Indoor Environment Control with Human Detection Sensor and Humidity Sensor.

Compact Size

The Slim & compact design of smart 4-way cassette not only saves space but also reduces installation cost.  It is designed to suit most building designs and fit into various spaces.


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